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  • Open Evening 17th September 2019 4.30-7pm​​​​​​​

    We are delighted to invite prospective pupils and their parents/carers to meet our teaching staff and take part in activities across a wide range of subjects. Presentations by Executive Headteacher Michael Johnson ~ 5pm & 6pm. We look forward to meeting you!

Lapford Community Primary School

Lapford Community Primary School, Eastington Road, Lapford, Devon, EX17 6QE

Robins Class science week day 3: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The children talked about what makes good porridge and decided that plain porridge didn't taste very interesting. We then added lots of different ingredients to bowls of porridge, including sugar, syrup, tomato ketchup, garlic, salt, curry powder, gravy and even chilli!! The children predicted what each ingredient would do to change the porridge's appearance, texture and flavour. Although some of the results were easy to predict (no one was a fan of chilli porridge or garlic porridge!), others surprised us: Jessica enjoyed curry porridge and the tomato ketchup porridge bowl was scraped clean! Apologies to Lapford parents if children now ask for ketchup porridge each morning!

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