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Year 10 in Exeter Land Use Study

Year 10 investigate land use in Exeter

Escaping the traditional monsoon weather that normally befalls the annual fieldtrip to Exeter, the Year 10s were able to embark on their day of research whilst remaining dry; a welcome surprise to the Geography teachers.

Disembarking in the leafy suburbs of Exeter, the students made use of their map skills to meander into the City centre, conducting research into land use change and retail services across the City. On their travels, students were able to view a wide variation of housing types and were able to map the provision of services. Toby Sloman said that he found the day “incredibly engaging” and benefited from the “in-depth knowledge of women’s fashion stores from Mr Covington”.

The detached housing and occasional corner shop of the outer suburbs matched pupil predictions; Tristan Phillips commented that “it was really interesting to see how Exeter matched up to a typical city layout”. However, as the students migrated into the terraced student housing they could not hide their exclamations of surprise at the amount of corner stores and public houses that supported the student population. Once the students had reached the city centre, their attention was turned to the type of retail provision, and to the high percentage of chain stores that dominate the High Street and Princess Hay Shopping Centre.

The afternoon saw the continuation of the surprisingly bright weather as the students headed off to the Quayside to conduct research into the changes that have taken place there. Fin Holt stated that “it was great to see the different types of retail in Exeter, and the flowers in Cathedral Green were very beautiful”. Of course some pupils managed to complete their fieldwork remarkably quickly freeing up some time for a spot of well-earned retail and cafe based investigation!

Gareth Godwin

Head of Geography