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Chulmleigh Community College

Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

Not a Waste!

Eco-Committee working hard to reduce our carbon footprint

On Friday 12 September, our enthusiastic Eco-Committee students helped to assemble new composting equipment as it arrived which consisted of a large Ridan composter and three hotboxes, all of which had been purchased following a successful funding grant from Devon County Council. The grant has enabled the necessary resources to be put in place to start improving the school’s waste management.

The school’s Eco-Committee (attended by students and staff) had been considering ways to reduce the school’s carbon footprint as all waste was being sent to landfill, much of which could have been composted or recycled.  With the school kitchen / dining facilities moving to the newly built energy efficient buildings it was timely to change the way food waste was managed. Specialist food waste bins have been purchased and positioned within the new dining areas, with students and staff already efficiently transferring their food waste into the dedicated bins for composting. The Eco-Committee students are helping to oversee the process and the compost generated will be used within the school grounds, once it is ready! 

The Eco-Committee students have also been very keen to improve recycling throughout the school and there are now recycling stations positioned around the new buildings which enable plastic bottles, tin cans and cardboard to be deposited accordingly and recycled.  Paper recycling boxes are in every classroom and students are responsible for emptying these on a rota basis.

It is hoped that as the recycling and composting processes become more familiar a school ethos of “reduce, reuse, recycle” will become embedded.