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Lapford Community Primary School

Lapford Community Primary School, Eastington Road, Lapford, Devon, EX17 6QE

Science Week at Lapford

Lapford pupils had loads of fun during Science Week.

What a fantastic Science Week we had at Lapford School!

Both classes have been engrossed in investigations all week and have had a lot of fun.

Holly Class has been busy exploring the science linked with nursery rhymes! Do you know how many mattresses it would take until the princess could no longer feel a pea? (unfortunately there was a flaw in the testing, due to having a REAL princess in Holly Class!) Or how long would it take for Incey Wincey to slide down the drainpipe? Holly Class also helped the Gingerbread man to cross the river safely and managed to mend the ‘hole in my bucket’!

Hawthorn Class discovered this week that plants need their leaves to grow and have discussed the photosynthesis. They were amazed that a plant without light lost its pigmentation and have identified the factors plants need to grow.

They also discover that invertebrates prefer to live in our vegetable garden and concluded that this may be because the area is cooler, has shelter, has food and less noise than other areas of the school.

We have also managed to design and make parachutes that will safely land a camera on Mars. We are awaiting the European Space Agency to contact us for our designs! It was a very EGGciting day!

Please take a look at some of the pictures we have attached, or pop into school and take a look at our Science Week display!