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Multi Skills Festival

On Wednesday Liz and I took Class 1 children to Chulmleigh to take part in the KS1 Multi-skills festival, organised by Kelli Finney from the College. 

Schools across the Learning Community took part – in total about 220 children all between the ages of 5 and 7 – and each event was led by year 9 students.  It was lovely (although not terribly surprising!) to see Elaine Short and Laura Fraser Smith relishing this responsibility.  Children were in teams and rotated around the activities, practising their throwing, agility, bat and ball skills and running.  We were teamed up with Witheridge School which was a great opportunity for everyone to make new friends and work with different children.  It was fairly hot so hats and sun cream and plenty of water were essential but they all enjoyed themselves immensely.  Several of our children won ‘medals’ from the different student helpers, for good listening and trying hard, and Kayleigh won three!