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Class 2 this term

This term, Class 2’s main theme is space – which works out very well at this time of year.


The children will be learning about our place in the universe and the different types of bodies that can be found in it. They will also be studying man in space, including space craft, such as the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (and we watched Tim Peake blast off to space just before Christmas). If we get any clear nights, we will be encouraging the children to study some constellations and using binoculars and telescopes to see what they can see! There are some great apps you can download onto your phone about space, and we have used one to track the ISS, which will let you know when you can see it – and it’s a glorious sight too! This links in with our geography, where we will be able to see the countries it travels over. In science, we are looking at forces, including how these are used to launch rockets and friction. Our literacy will, as always, focus on our topic, so we will be producing a variety of non-fiction texts, together with a few fiction pieces too.

So a busy, yet exciting, term!