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Class 1 Woods and Dens

On Wednesday morning Class 1 set off to Barton woods for a morning of woodland activities to emphasise just how much we use our senses, particularly in the wild! 

They started off by sniffing the distinct scent of a fox, and finding deer tracks in the mud.  This was followed by making a ‘sound map’, recording the location and distance of everything they could hear while sitting independently in a quiet spot in the woods.  After that we split into two teams – and built our dens out of what was lying on the forest floor.  Mandy hasn’t been a Guild Guider Guide for the last 30 years for nothing, and there was no denying that her team’s camp, complete with garden and ‘camp fire’, won hands down in the den design competition.  The children had great fun squeezing themselves into the dens, sliding down slopes through the leaves and spying on each other’s camps.