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Year Six Academy

About Us

Welcome to the Year Six Academy

Year 6 is a crucial year for primary school pupils. It is the year they take their SATs, and the year they prepare to make the move from primary to secondary education. This transition is an exciting time, but for both pupils and parents it can also be somewhat daunting. The Year Six Academy is our answer to these challenges, and we are very proud of what the Academy is achieving.

Our Year Six Academy enables pupils from Academy primary schools to complete their education in an environment in which their learning is completely focussed on this important year, with outstanding teaching tailored to each individual child.  

The Academy is housed in a purpose-built facility on the Chulmleigh Community College site, and this, as well as some shared teaching with College staff, ensures that the transition to secondary school is smooth, seamless, and stress-free. Children benefit from the experience of some of their lessons being in the College buildings, with College teachers, and this gives them the opportunity to become used to the secondary school environment. Lunch is eaten in the College canteen, at a slightly earlier time than College pupils, which gives further insight into what they will experience once they move into Year 7.  Other facilities shared with the College include dance/drama spaces, sporting facilities, library and cookery rooms.

College staff report that the children who have already passed through our Year 6 Academy quickly settle in to the expectations of secondary school, and are often used as mentors for other children who are less familiar with the College. 

This prior knowledge of the College layout, getting to know the staff, and the understanding of the expectations of College life all ensure that what for some children can seem like a huge leap from primary to secondary education, is in fact only a small step.