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  • Open Evening 17th September 2019 4.30-7pm​​​​​​​

    We are delighted to invite prospective pupils and their parents/carers to meet our teaching staff and take part in activities across a wide range of subjects. Presentations by Executive Headteacher Michael Johnson ~ 5pm & 6pm. We look forward to meeting you!

Lapford Community Primary School

Lapford Community Primary School, Eastington Road, Lapford, Devon, EX17 6QE


In our primaries we adhere to the National Curriculum Framework.

The excellent teaching of Maths, due to continued training and development by our Maths specialists, guarantees high quality learning across the school. This shared expertise within the Trust primary school staff, including the involvement of our secondary colleagues has built a strong teaching base in Maths, a subject that the children enjoy. Emphasis is given to the discrete teaching of skills, the practice of these skills and then the application, through problem solving and investigations. We support children who find some aspects of number tricky through interventions, such as ‘From Counting to Calculating,’ 'Mind the Gap' and 'Plus One'. More able students are challenged through carefully planned differentiated work that maximises their potential.

We follow a Rising Stars framework to support our planning of Maths, which compliments our termly standardised testing through 'PUMA' and supports the children in the progression of understanding mathematics. The children follow a syllabus which covers Number; including place value and the four operations, fractions and decimals, Measure; including mass, volume and length and Geometry, Shape and Data Handling.

Below is an example from the Year 4 framework.