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Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

The Guild - Years 10 & 11

At the end of Year 9 pupils graduate from their House tutor group and enter into The Junior Guild for Year 10, and  Senior Guild in Year 11. 

Guild time is the 30 minute period every day from 3:10pm until 3:40pm. Pupils are placed into a subject Guild based on data produced from the Half-Termly reports. The make-up of each Guild is based on student need. These may be for particular abilities or levels of pupils, to complete coursework, or for pupils to work independently.

The Guilds run for six week blocks.

Over the week, pupils also gather together for a year group assembly and 30 minutes of Silent Study, where we encourage pupils to use the time productively for homework, revising, reading or note-taking.

Mrs J Craig 
Head of Upper School

The Guild Weekly Programme

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Y10  Guild Time Assembly Silent Study Guild Time Guild Time
Y11 Assembly Guild Time Guild Time Guild Time Silent Study

The Guild Team

Tutor Group Subject Tutor
GCM History Dr C McMahon
GHW Science (Core/Additional) Mrs H Wall
GLJ MFL Mrs L Johnson
GLM Maths Mrs L Mackie
GPC Geography Mr P Covington
GRC English Ms R Cheetham
GAC Maths Mr A Crossley
GJH History Miss J Hockin
GEJ Science Mr Jenkinson
GPG English Mr P Garrett
GTD MFL Mrs T Davey
(Yr10 & 11 Mixed)    
GLP Additional Support Mrs L Parish
GSF Independent Study Ms S Feasey