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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Recently, our Year 10 drama pupils took part in the Shakespeare in Schools Festival. After many weeks of rehearsing, their hard work was realised when they performed their interpretation of Macbeth at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter.

This week we received a truly brilliant review by theatre director Holly Meechan:

 "An enthralling, sophisticated production of Macbeth, from an innovative and dedicated company...

Congratulations Chulmleigh Community College for your fantastic reimagining of Macbeth as part of the Spring 24 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a thrilling night of theatre, and I’d like to shine a spotlight on some aspects I really loved.
There is so much to celebrate about this production, but what I loved most is how you truly made it your own. You modernised the story and added in some of your own contemporary text which was well-written and slotted in with Shakespeare seamlessly. Your opening press conference scene made for an exciting start and was a clever way to introduce the characters; presenting Macduff and his family here in this way also made their murder later all the more impactful.
The music in your piece was outstanding. What a gift to have such a skilled group of musicians providing the soundtrack to your play. You used the music to build and release tension at all the right moments which really supported the actors and the story. The Lullaby sung by Macduff's wife was also a great choice. The innocence, beauty and simplicity of it, juxtaposed against the horrific deeds being committed, was incredibly moving.
I really like how you chose to play the witches as a whole ensemble and how they seemed to morph out of the earth like strange creatures surrounding Macbeth. There were some other lovely moments of support from the ensemble too, where you used gesture and voice to echo the emotions and thoughts of the characters, the inspection and cleansing of the hands was an effective motif which you repeated. I also thought you created the party really well, there was such great focus from everyone.
Your characters were relatable, with real depth, believable relationships, and a mature portrayal of their emotions. I love how you made more of the character of Fleance and the choice you made to have them as a cheeky teenager, able to add ironic commentary on Macbeth's greedy rise to power.
This was an enthralling, sophisticated production of Macbeth from an innovative and dedicated company.
We’re thrilled to have reimagined Shakespeare with you this year and have loved being with you on your journey from classroom to stage. We can’t wait to work with Chulmleigh Community College again in the next Festival!"