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Lifeguard visit

The Lifeguards visit last week was a great success. The children learned a huge amount about beach and water safety, with lots of tricks and tips to help keep them safe.


Mr Walters saw first hand the essential service they provide last Saturday, when two kayaks appeared on the rocky beach below him at Baggy Point, Croyde. There was a stiff wind building as four adults and two children clambered onto the rocks. It was thought they were having a break and some lunch. However, it was not the case, as some time later the Lifeguard jet ski appeared around the corner, reversed into the cove and had to rescue the entire group. It took 3 trips to take the kayakers and their two kayaks to safety, with some risk to the Lifeguards too. It appears that the strong wind was preventing them from returning to the beach, as they did not have the strength to paddle against it. It's so easy to make a very bad mistake! So, hats off to the brave Lifeguards for doing a sterling job.