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  • Open Events October 2021

    We are very disappointed to announce that due to the current Covid outbreak at the College we have had to cancel all open events.  If you have any questions about our school, please email and we will be very happy to help.  


Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA


Citizenship Education aims to give pupils the knowledge and skills needed to play an active and full role in the communities in which they live. It is a subject that seeks to inform pupils of what their legal and human rights are as citizens – but also as to what their responsibilities are. Citizenship can be broken down into the following four themes:

  • Political Literacy
  • Understanding the Law
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Making a Difference/Getting Involved

Citizenship is mainly delivered as a discrete subject in years eight, nine and eleven. However many other subject areas make important contributions to this subject. In addition to conventional lessons pupils will participate in Citizenship through their involvement in the Community strand of PSHEE and in year ten through three Focus Fridays. Citizenship though is an inescapable part of all our lives. Pupils may participate in extra-curricular activities on Citizenship, such as the National Magistrates Mock Trial competition or by involvement with the College’s Peer Parliament.

The mentoring system is another example of how our pupils work to improve the school community through positive action. Importantly though pupils at Chulmleigh show good Citizenship through mutual respect for each other and their environment – a real strength of the College.

Fundraising for charity has traditionally been a big feature of the College and again, our students continue to raise exceptional amounts of money to help change the lives of people at home and abroad.

We hope that on leaving the College, pupils are well equipped to understand their role within society. They should understand their rights and responsibilities are; how laws are made in the UK; and how our democracy functions. Above all we hope that our pupils will leave as confident individuals, with a good sense of what justice is and the appetite to make the very best out of the communities in which they will live and work in.

Here are some links to help students with their studies in RE and Citizenship:

  • The full syllabus for GCSE RE can be found by following this link
  • Click here for a good GCSE revision website
  • An excellent site for games, lessons and videos is here