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Food Preparation & Nutrition

Year 7

Term Topic & Key Content Autumn
Autumn Kitchen basics- introduction of how to work safely and efficiency in a food room, including how to use a knife safely and with precision. Practical work: fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, apple crumble. Introduction to soup, homemade versus ready-made, making an 'informed' choice. Introduction of the Eatwell Guide and how recipes can be adapted to be healthier. Year 7 Recipe Book
BBC Good Food - video clips on key cutting techniques, eg bridge hold, claw grip, fork secure
Spring Continuation of knife skills and introduction of a variety of new skills eg shaping, baking, extending experience of using and understanding a variety of key ingredients. Practical work: soup of choice, using a variety of vegetables, rock buns, making a flavoured roux sauce and serving with pasta or vegetables. Introduction to the Nutrition Programme, reinforcement of healthy eating with a focus on savoury main dishes. Year 7 Recipe Book.                                       Foodafactoflife 11-14 - provide key recipes, video clips on sauce and soup making along with key points to remember for healthy eating and the value of the nutrition programme
Summer Introduction to international cuisine, food provenance and encouraging the use of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Practical work: Variety of salads, including couscous and coleslaw, sweet and/or savoury biscuits, smoothies. Reinforcement of healthy eating with focus on including a good range of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Year 7 Recipe Book.
Foodafactoflife 11-14 - provides video clips, key information on where our food comes from


Year 8

Term Topic & Key Content Additional Reading or Resources
Autumn Revisit healthy eating and nutrition, focus on a balanced diet and the role macro nutrients play.  Build on practical skills from Year 7, along with an understanding of how key ingredients work, with particular reference to raising agents. Practical work: fruity cupcakes, scones, Swiss roll and bread. Year 8 Recipe Book
Foodafactoflife 11-14 'Ingredients'
Spring Recognise the functionality and versatility of eggs in cooking and our diet. Reinforce healthy eating, making informed choices and the value of breakfast. Practical work: meringues, frittata, custard, breakfast bar. Year 8 Recipe Book
BBC Good Food video clip on how to make an egg-based custard 
Summer Design work which requires the custard recipe to be adapted into a creative, seasonal cold dessert. Recognise the functionality of potatoes and how they can be incorporated into healthy, economical dishes. Practical work: Chosen cold dessert, variety of potato dishes, eg salads, saag aloo, etc. Year 8 Recipe Book
BBC Good Food potato and cold seasonal dessert recipes using custard     


Year 9

Term Topic & Key Content Additional Reading or Resources
Autumn Revise importance of macro nutrients and understand the importance of micro nutrients in a balanced diet. Continue to recognise the diversity of cuisines from around the world. Practical work: variety of curries, spaghetti bolognese, rice dish(es) of choice.

Year 9 Recipe book
BBC Bitesize Food Safety video clip

Spring Continuation of international cuisine with a focus on Italy and pasta. Recognise food wastage, devise dish(es) which help to reduce this. Practical work: producing homemade pasta and incorporating this into a healthy, tasty family meal. Devising/adapting recip(es) using a commonly wasted ingredient.  Year 9 Recipe book
'Love Food Hate Waste' website   
Summer Using planning and cooking skills to plan and devise a variety of dessert dishes using fruit and/or vegetables. Pupils compile their own time plan, encourage use of technical terms and higher level skills, eg use of gelatine, flavourings, etc. Practical work: carrot cake, cold dessert using gelatine and seasonal fruit, eg cheesecake.  Year 9 Recipe book
BBC Good Food for recipes on cakes using fruit and/or vegetables and cold dessert recipes.