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Year 7

Half Term Topic & Content Grammar Points Vocabulary
Autumn 1 Introduce yourself + target language [use 'est-ce que je peux' + infinitive] Asking questions with 'est-ce que je peux' + infinitive

Describing People
Food and Drink
Opinions and Infinitives
Orders and Quantities
Picture Description
School Day
School Equipment
School Subjects

  Describe items in your bag - introduction of school items. j'ai/je n'ai pas de + noun [I have/ I haven't got] + use of the articles un/une/des.  
  Opinions + justify your opinions j'aime + noun/ j'aime + infinitive. J'aime/je n'aime pas + noun/ j'aime/je n'aime pas + infinitive [I like/ I don't like …]  
Autumn 2 Physical description - describe someone else use a template + describe the person [use all the vocabulary previously learnt]. Use of il/elle est = he/she is.  
  Personalities - describe your personality and other people personalities. Je suis/ il and elle est + adjective masculine/feminine adjectives.  
  School subjects - introduction of school subjects and describe your timetable, [revision of days of the week] - use connectives [mais/avec/et] + justifications.    
Spring 1 Describe a school day.          Compare French and English school systems. Present tense of -er verbs [je commence/ je mange/ on mange etc].  
  Telling the time. Revision of numbers - il est + time.  
  Describe a photo on the theme of school. PALM O - use key structures to describe a photo.  
  School rules - mention what you must/mustn't do at school. Describe your school uniform. Il faut/Il ne faut + infinitive [we must/we mustn't].  
Spring 2 Hobbies - mention what you do for sport/leisure. Je joule, au/a, la/a, l'/aux and je fais, du/de, la/de, l'/des.  
  Time expressions. Place of time expressions.  
Summer 1 Introduction of food and drinks. Describe what you have for your 3 meals of the day. Shopping for food [range of quantities]. Partitive article [du/de la/des]. Irregular verb BOIRE in present tense and past tense.           Introduction of past tense of -er verbs.  
  Shopping for food [range of quantities].    
  Understand a recipe + write a simple recipe in French - step-by-step instructions. Imperative form: [coupez/tranchez...].  
Summer 2 Tout sur moi booklet - project. Revision of the work done in the year and develop writing using a range of structures. Revision of present/past and introduction of future, with je vais + infinitive.  
  'Un Chat a Paris' - French film with subtitles. Description of the characters of the film + scenes of the film.