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Year 7

Half Term Topic & Content Grammar Points Vocabulary
Autumn 1 Introduce yourself + target language [use 'est-ce que je peux' + infinitive] Asking questions with 'est-ce que je peux' + infinitive


  Describe items in your bag - introduction of school items. j'ai/je n'ai pas de + noun [I have/ I haven't got] + use of the articles un/une/des. School Equipment
  Opinions + justify your opinions j'aime + noun/ j'aime + infinitive. J'aime/je n'aime pas + noun/ j'aime/je n'aime pas + infinitive [I like/ I don't like …] Opinions and Infinitives
Autumn 2 Physical description - describe someone else use a template + describe the person [use all the vocabulary previously learnt]. Use of il/elle est = he/she is. Describing People
  Personalities - describe your personality and other people personalities. Je suis/ il and elle est + adjective masculine/feminine adjectives. Personality
  School subjects - introduction of school subjects and describe your timetable, [revision of days of the week] - use connectives [mais/avec/et] + justifications.   School Subjects
Spring 1 Describe a school day.          Compare French and English school systems. Present tense of -er verbs [je commence/ je mange/ on mange etc]. School Day
  Telling the time. Revision of numbers - il est + time. Time
  Describe a photo on the theme of school. PALM O - use key structures to describe a photo. Picture Description
  School rules - mention what you must/mustn't do at school. Describe your school uniform. Il faut/Il ne faut + infinitive [we must/we mustn't]. School rules
Spring 2 Hobbies - mention what you do for sport/leisure. Je joule, au/a, la/a, l'/aux and je fais, du/de, la/de, l'/des. Hobbies
  Time expressions. Place of time expressions.  
Summer 1 Introduction of food and drinks. Describe what you have for your 3 meals of the day. Shopping for food [range of quantities]. Partitive article [du/de la/des]. Irregular verb BOIRE in present tense and past tense.           Introduction of past tense of -er verbs. Food and Drink
  Shopping for food [range of quantities].   Orders and Quantities
  Understand a recipe + write a simple recipe in French - step-by-step instructions. Imperative form: [coupez/tranchez...]. Recipes
Summer 2 Tout sur moi booklet - project. Revision of the work done in the year and develop writing using a range of structures. Revision of present/past and introduction of future, with je vais + infinitive.  
  'Un Chat a Paris' - French film with subtitles. Description of the characters of the film + scenes of the film.    


Year 8

Half Term Topic & Content Grammar Points Vocabulary
Autumn 1 Revision of colours + names of clothes. Describe outfits. Agreement of adjectives and introduction of compound adjectives – vert olive + irregular verb METTRE in present + past. Clothes and colours
  Describe what you wear on different occasions. Future tense + quand/si. Describing clothes
  Shopping for clothes + create a page for a fashion magazine. Demonstrative adjectives = ce/cet/cette/ces.  
Autumn 2 Talking about healthy living - names of body and where it hurts. J'ai mal au/à la /à l'/aux. Body parts and problems
  Describe what is good and bad for your health. Negatives [ne …pas/ne …jamais/ne…que] + modula verbs [il faut/il ne faut pas + infinitive] Health
  Describe what you will do to stay healthy - resolutions for next year. Futur proche - I will …  
Spring 1 Describe your daily routine. Reflexive verbs - je me couche. Daily routine
  Describe a catastrophic day. Adverbs - malheureusement…  
  What you do at home to help. Modal verbs - je dois/ je peux. Chores
Spring 2 Media - what you watch online /social media. DOP = direct object pronouns. Les émissions
  Le Petit Nicolas - French film   Technology
Summer 1 Talking about a holiday. Transports + accommodation. Book a room in a hotel [role play]. Translation of To - je vais au/en /aux + country + past tense with ETRE. Countries
  Mention problems during your stay in a hotel + undertsand reviews on TripAdvisor. Il y avait /… ne marchait pas Holidays
  Write a postcard.   Holiday Accommodation
Summer 2 L'impressionisme - what is the impressionism? French painters - describe famous paintings.    
  Describe a painting using a range of prepositions. Prepositions [en face de / à gauche... Picture Description
  Recap of 3 tenses.   Prepositions


Year 9

Term Topic & Content Grammar Points Vocabulary
Autumn 1 Describe your town - names of shops and what you can buy there. Pour + infinitive = je vais au café pour boire un chocolat chaud - DOP [y=there] - j'y vais = I go there… Shops
  Describe what there is not in your town and what you need + what there was. Range of negatives / on a besoin de + infinitive [we need …]. Where I live
  Directions - to understand + give precise directions from a plan. Imperative form with VOUS [allez à droite] + TU [va à droite]. Directions
Autumn 2 Revision of topic of town for assessment. Recap of past + future tenses.  
  How to ask questions in 3 ways + question words. To be able to make a range of questions. To use questions in different tenses [challenge]. Est-ce que…/ question words. Questions
  To prepare an interview in pairs + interview a teacher from the school. Use the VOUS form - polite form.  
Spring 1 Study a French film - Les Choristes. Comparative form - plus …que/ moins… que. Les Choristes F
  Describe how school was. Imperfect tense. L'imparfait
  Describe you as a child. Use two tenses - imperfect /present. Childhood
Spring 2 Describe what you do to protect the environment/ will do to save the planet. Au lieu de + infintive = instead of. Environment
  Gestes écolos -mention what are the good/bad things for the planet. Revision of future tense. Les gestes ecolo
Summer 1 START ON GCSE COURSE - explain the course.   Module 1 Family
  Module 1 [friends and family] -Describe your best friend [use idiomatic expression]. Idiomatic expressions. Module 1 Friendship
  Describe what you do/did/will do with your friends. Introduction of avant de + infinitive/après [avoir or être] + Past participle = après avoir mangé = after eating. Module 1 Relationships
Summer 2 Revision of all the tenses + make a mat for all the tenses covered at GCSE. 3 tenses [present/past /future] + conditional and subjunctive [challenge].  
  Prepare module 1 questions for Speaking exam. Complex structures at GCSE.  
  To practice the 3 tasks of a Speaking exam.