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Year 7

Half Term Topic and Key Content Additional Reading or Resources
Autumn 1 Geographical Skills
  • Includes map work (direction, scale, map symbols, grid references etc) and data presentation.

Google Maps, Google Earth, local area OS map, atlas.

Autumn 2 Kenya Country Study
  • Ideas about development indicators, low income countries and aid projects.

Research using internet.

Spring 1 Rainforests
  • Rainforest ecosystems and problems with deforestation.

Visit to Eden Project.
Planet Earth documentaries.

Spring 2 Settlements
  • Reasons for locations of settlements and land use changes.

Use of local area OS map. Google research on foundation and development of local settlements.

Summer 1 Rivers
  • River landforms and processes. Types of erosion. Causes, effects and prevention of flooding.

Fieldwork on the Little Dart.

Summer 2 Topical Study
  • A topical study to fit in with current world events. E.g. country study of Brazil linked to Olympics.

Google research.


Year 8

Half Term Topic and Key Content Additional Reading or Resources
Autumn 1 National Parks
  • Location and purpose of national parks in the UK.
  • Land uses on Dartmoor.
  • Problems and solutions to land use conflict.

Dartmoor National Park

Autumn 2 Thailand Country Study
  • Human and physical geography of Thailand.
  • How developed is Thailand?
  • The benefits and problems of tourism in Thailand.

Tourism Thailand
Online: Life expectancy and income in Thailand.


Spring 1 Renewable Energy
  • Causes and consequences of climate change.
  • Types of renewable energy.
  • Mitigation strategies for dealing with climate change.

BBC Bitesize

Spring 2 Economic Activity
  • Types of economic activity.
  • How economic activity has changed over time in the UK.
  • How and why farming has changed over time in the UK.
Summer 1 Weather and Climate
  • How the weather can be monitored.
  • Causes of rainfall.
  • How climate varies throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Causes of microclimates around the school site – Fieldwork skills.

BBC Bitesize

Summer 2 Global Environmental Issues
  • The causes and problems of plastic pollution on our oceans.
  • The causes and impacts of deforestation.

WWF how does plastic end?
Greenpeace plastic pollution

Year 9

Half Term Topic and Key Content Additional Reading or Resources
Autumn 1 Natural Hazards
  • Types of hazards.
  • Tectonic hazards.
  • Volcanoes.

Research current or recent natural hazards in the news using the internet.

Autumn 2 Ecosystems
  • Locations of ecosystems.
  • Types of ecosystems.
  • Opportunities and threats to ecosystems.

Natural world documentaries e.g. 'Frozen Planet'. 'Planet Earth' etc.

Spring 1 Development
  • Development indicators.
  • Differences between rich and poor countries.
  • Why there is a development gap.
  • Aid and trade.

Gapminder website.

Spring 2 China
  • Characteristics of a superpower. Development in China.
  • Sustainability in China.

'Our Guy in China' dvd.
News items about China.

Summer 1 Focus on Russia and the Middle East
  • Key physical and human characteristics.

Seneca website.

Summer 2 Coasts
  • Coastal landforms.
  • Coastal erosion and protection.

Visit to local area of coastline to research landforms and processes.