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Year 10 Foundation

Term 1
Unit 15 - Graphs 1

Give the equation of vertical and horizontal lines.
Recognise / Plot and draw straight line graphs/y=mx+c graphs.
Find the gradient of a straight line from a graph.
Unit 16 - Averages and Range
Find averages from a frequency table.
Find the class interval containing the median for grouped data.
Estimate the mean from a table of grouped data.
Unit 17 - Circles
Find the area and perimeter of circles and composite shapes.
Calculate arc lengths, angles and areas of sectors of circles.
Calculate exactly with multiples of π.
Unit 18 - Constructions and Loci
Bisect angles and lines using compasses.
Construction of triangles using SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS.
Solve loci problems.
Unit 19 - Percentages
Increase and decrease a quantity by a given percentage, including using a multiplier.
Solve problems involving percentage original value problems (Reverse percentages).

Term 2
Unit 20 - 3D Shapes

Calculate the volume of spheres, cones, pyramids and composite solids (formulae will be given in the question). 
Find the surface area of prisms and pyramids.
Solve problems involving surface area.
Unit 21 - Equations and inequalities
Know and understand inequality signs.
Solve simple linear inequalities in one variable.
Represent the solution set on a number line.
Unit 22 - Graphs 2
Draw simple quadratic graphs.
Use graphs of quadratic functions to find approximate solutions to equations.
Identify and interpret roots, intercepts and turning points of quadratic functions graphically.
Unit 23 - Transformations
Reflect a shape in a mirror line.
Describe reflections on a coordinate grid by giving the equation of the mirror line.
Recognise, carry out and describe enlargements with a positive and/or fractional scale factor and any centre.
Unit 24 - Ratio and Proportion
Write a ratio in the form 1:n.
Share a quantity in a given ratio, including real life problems.
Solve problems involving ratio and proportion using the unitary method.

Term 3
Unit 25 - Scatter Graphs

Decide if there is a positive, negative or no correlation by looking at a graph, understand that correlation does not imply causality.
Draw a line of best fit.
Use a line of best fit to make predictions.
Unit 26 - Probability
Complete and interpret frequency trees.
Draw and use Venn diagrams to calculate the probability of independent and dependent combined events.
Complete and interpret frequency trees.
Unit 27 - Pythagoras Theorem
Know the formula for Pythagoras’ theorem a^2+ b^2= c^2  where c = hypotenuse.
Use Pythagoras to find any side.
Problem solving with Pythagoras.
Unit 28 - Formulae
Substitute values into formulae and expressions, including negative numbers and expressions involving squares and cubes.
Write a formula in words to represent a problem, including the use of squares, cubes and roots.
Change the subject of formulae, including those involving roots and powers.

Year 10 Higher

Term 1
Unit 15 - Graphs

Find the gradient of a line.
Find the equation of a line.
Equation of parallel and perpendicular lines.
Unit 16 - Ratio and Proportion
Share quantities into a ratio.
Express ratio as fractions.
Use inverse proportion.
Unit 17 - Transformations
Use all four transformations.
Understand vector notation.
Describe transformations.
Unit 18 - Processing and Representing Data
Represent data in various forms.
Understand cumulative frequency and quartiles.
Represent data in box plots.
Unit 19 - Inequalities and Formulae
Understand inequality notation.
Solve inequalities.
Change the subjects in formulae.

Term 2
Unit 20 - Pythagoras and Trig
Know and use Pythagoras' Theorem.
Know and use trigonometry.
Know the exact values for trigonometry.
Unit 21 - More Graphs and Equations
Plot the graphs of quadratic and cubic functions.
Use points of intersection to solve equations.
Recognise and draw graphs of exponential functions.
Unit 22 - Quadratic and Simultaneous Equations
Solve simultaneous equations by elimination.
Solve simultaneous equations by elimination.
Identify and interpret roots and turning points.
Unit 23 - Area and Volume 2
Solve problems involving circles.
Find the volume and surface area of spheres.
Find the volume and surface area of frustums.
Unit 24 - Line Diagrams and Scatter Graphs
Draw and interpret scatter graphs.
Understand correlation and causation.
Interpolate and extrapolate apparent trends.

Term 3
Unit 25 - Indicies Standard Form and Surds

Convert between ordinary numbers and standard form.
Simplify surds.
Rationalise the denominator.
Unit 26 - Similar Shapes
Solve problems involving area of similar shapes.
Solve problems involving volume of similar shapes.
Understand the relationship between length, area and volume.
Unit 27 - Proportion 2
Solve problems involving square and cubic proportions.
Solve problems involving inverse proportion.
Recognise and interpret graphs of direct and inverse proportion.
Unit 28 - Probability
Know how to use the AND & OR rules.
Complete a Venn diagram and find probabilities.
Use tree diagrams for independent and dependent events.

Year 11 Foundation

Term 1
Unit 29 - Standard Form

Convert ordinary numbers to standard form and vice versa.
Calculate with and interpret standard form A×10^n where 1 ≤A <10 and n is an integer.
Unit 30 - Trigonometry 1
Know and use the trigonometric ratios Sin, Cos and Tan.
Use trigonometry to find missing angles.
Use trigonometry to find missing sides.
Unit 31 - Simultaneous Equations
Solve simultaneous linear equations algebraically.
Find approximate solutions using a graph.
Set up and solve linear simultaneous equations.

Term 2
Unit 32 - Algebra 3
Expanding double brackets.
Factorising quadratic expressions of the form x2 + bx +c including the difference of two squares.
Unit 33 - Direct and Inverse Proportion
Solve problems involving direct and inverse proportion.
Interpret equations that describe direct and inverse proportion.
Recognise and interpret graphs that illustrate direct and inverse proportion.
Unit 34 - Vectors
Apply addition and subtraction of vectors.
Apply multiplication of vectors by a scalar.
Represent column vectors diagrammatically.

Year 11 Higher

Term 1
Unit 29 - Pythagoras and Trig 2

Use Pythagoras and trigonometry in 3D problems.
Sketch and recognise the graphs of sine, cosine and tangent.
Know and use sine and cosine rules.
Unit 30 - Transformations of Functions
Understand and use function notation.
Understand the effects of reflection.
Understand combinations of transformations.
Unit 31 - Circle Geometry
Know and apply the standard circle theorems.
Understand alternate segment theorem.
Prove all theorems.
Unit 32 - Algebraic Proof and Algebraic Fractions
Simplify algebraic fractions.
Four operations with algebraic fractions.
Practice algebraic proof.
Unit 33 - Vectors
Find the magnitude of a vector.
Solve geometric problems using vectors.
Apply vector methods for geometric proofs.

Term 2
Unit 34 - Functions
Re-write expressions as functions.
Understand composite functions.
Solve problems involving inverse functions.
Unit 35 - Iteration
Re-write equations as iterative functions.
Use iterations to find approximate solutions.
Use suffix notation.
Unit 36 - Equations of Circles
Recognise equation of a circle.
Find the radius of circle from the function.
Find the equation of a tangent at a given point.
Unit 37 - Pre-Calculus
Interpret the gradient at a point as instantaneous rate of change.
Calculate gradients and area under graphs.
Interpret the results of distance-time and velocity-time graphs.