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Year 7

Term Unit Detail
Autumn Planet Earth 2050 A new computer game in which players complete tasks in six different zones to save the planet; forms the inspiration for this focus on narrative music that exploits the elements of music to set the scene.
Spring High Fives Focus on rhythm and pitch, through a group ostinato using correct rhythmic notation, then selecting pitch using a pentatonic scale to create a structured ensemble piece with solos and group sections.
Summer Sound Pictures An exploration of Twentieth Century art music and contemporary forms, working with graphic notation though study, composition and performing a solo.
All Year Rock Choir Our ongoing project sees (or hears) all Year 7 singing together once a week, led by Debbie Kent (founder and CEO of Teachers Rock) and Mr Cookson.


Year 8

Term Unit Detail
Autumn The Gallery Taking composition to a titled stimulus, a second look at expressive use of the elements of music and triads. Titles selected from Debussy 'Preludes' and Mussorgsky 'Pictures at an Exhibition'.
Spring Evolution Timelapse Exploring pattern in music, particularly minimalism. The unit has fixed melody and improvised sections and explains the range of pitch with much room for individualism within the ensemble.
Summer Heroes and Villains A study of Leitmotif with a look at the music of popular superheroes, leading to creating an original character and their theme tune. The context finds the character in three different clips: at work, romantic, in danger!


Year 9

Term Unit Detail
Autumn Music at The Movies Film music takes the spotlight, with production of a live soundtrack to a chosen film clip. Choices range from a genuine silent comedy from 1907, to contemporary action movies.
Spring Song Without Words A study of the development of popular musical styles, and the common elements that make up the harmony and structure of popular songs, and a remarkable common thread.
Summer Ready, Steady, Compose A study of taste and preference in 'popular' music, followed by a creative practical task to combine selected elements of different units covered in Key Stage 3.