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  • Open Events October 2021

    We are very disappointed to announce that due to the current Covid outbreak at the College we have had to cancel all open events.  If you have any questions about our school, please email and we will be very happy to help.  


No-Smoking, Drugs and Substances Policy


Our aims to be inclusive to all staff by applying health and safety regulations and complying with the safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the EYFS 2012. We shall make our setting a no-smoking environment and regulate all staff that are on medication to ensure our practitioners are able to contribute at their best to the overall quality to the provision.


  • All staff, parents and volunteers are made aware of our no-smoking policy verbally at induction.
  • Parents, Carers, volunteers and staff members understand that they cannot smoke on the school grounds and will need to leave the school grounds in order to smoke.
  • We actively encourage no-smoking by having information for parents and staff about where to get help to stop smoking if they are seeking this information.
  • Staff who smoke do not do so during working hours, unless on a break and off the premises.
  • Staff who smoke during their break make every effort to reduce the effect of the odour and lingering effects of passive smoking for children and colleagues.


  • Staff must not be under the influence of Alcohol.
  • If another staff member has noticed that a colleague has arrived to work with suspected alcohol in their system, the Early Years Leader will inform the Early Years Manager or will then alert the CAT Preschools Limited Directors. The staff member will be asked privately whether they have consumed alcohol within the last 24 hours.  If the staff member openly admits that they may have alcohol present in their system, the staff member will be asked to take the rest of the day off and supply cover will be sought. The staff member will be sent home on full pay, Directors informed and the disciplinary and grievance policy will be adhered to.
  • If a parent arrives at the preschool to collect their child and staff feel that the parent is under the influence of alcohol, staff will alert the Early Years Leader.  The Early Years Leader will alert the Head Teacher and approach the parent, alongside another member of staff and make a suggestion to alert another person on that child’s designated collection list to come and collect the child.  Travel arrangements will be varied to ensure that the parent is not driving. The parent will be asked to wait with a staff member in a suitable private area while waiting for another adult to collect the child.  A record of the incident will be written up and signed by staff and parent and filed in incident folder.  Directors of CAT Preschools Limited will also be informed of the incident.
  • When dealing with a parent that will not cooperate with the suggested alternative designated collection, or becomes aggressive or angry, two members of staff, and/or Head Teachers must be present.  No matter how understandable the parent’s anger may be, aggression or threats against staff are not tolerated, and the police should be called.

Staff taking medication or other substances

  • We will ensure that all staff and volunteers will complete a health declaration to determine whether the person completing the form will need additional support or guidance from the management.
  • All staff members are asked to keep the Early Years Manager informed of any medical needs and or medication that they may be taking.
  • If staff members are taking any medication which they feel may affect their ability to look after children then they are asked to gain medical advice and possibly a fit to work note.  They will only be able to work directly with the children if the medical advice confirms that they can do so.
  • The preschool will try to do everything that they can to ensure that the staff member in question has reduced working hours or duties.
  • All staff medication must be stored securely. If staff members need to take their prescribed medication within their working shift then the preschool ask that the staff members complete a medication form and ensure they keep the information alongside their medication locked in the cabinet.