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Our Values


What do we stand for?
Here at Chulmleigh, as our community will already be aware, we are unashamed in saying that we believe in excellence. We encourage our pupils to strive for excellence in everything they do.  Excellence looks different for different people, and in different situations, but it underpins our approach at all times.

As you will be aware, that approach, consistently implemented over a number of years, has led to our pupils achieving outstandingly well in their qualifications.  They respond to our high expectations of them by meeting or exceeding their targets in a whole range of ways, including academically.  This matters because it means that, when they leave us, our young people will be able to make their own choices about what they go on to study, and the careers that they can aspire to.  We work with our pupils and their families to ensure that whilst at Chulmleigh, they are laying foundations for lives in which they can flourish as adults.

We also believe in preparing our young people to be the sorts of citizens that will make positive contributions to the communities in which they will find themselves. Academic success is important, but so is developing individuals who have a strong sense of right and wrong, and a positive set of values.  We see these values as being expressed by the three concepts of ‘Compassion, Ambition and Teamwork’, and we talk about them in assemblies and elsewhere across the school.  If our pupils, when they eventually leave us, hold these values dear and live them out on a daily basis, we will feel that we have done our job.  We will have prepared them to be the very best adults that they can possibly be, both in terms of their aspirations and in terms of how they treat others.

In short, we will have enabled them to achieve excellence.