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Who's Who

Tracey Dodd
Executive Deputy Headteacher

Within the Academy we have four very different primary schools and although we have common systems and shared practice through our close working team, each school has their own special qualities and culture. It is very exciting to have the responsibility of managing and coordinating such a wonderfully diverse and yet totally cohesive primary phase of learning across the four schools.

I am extremely privileged to work with, in my opinion, the best team of teachers, teaching assistants, staff and managers in the whole of the UK! Children come first in everything we do and it takes precedence over everything else, they are what we are about!

Being with the students is the best part of my day; we love to laugh and have great fun throughout our learning. My philosophy has always been that a motivated child who experiences a stimulating learning environment and who feels secure and valued will thrive and that is what I aim to provide to those in my care.

After many years as a year 6 teacher at Chulmleigh Primary covering all subjects, I now still get to teach my favourite subjects: contemporary dance for performance and art, how lucky am I!


Bob Walters
Senior Teacher

Hello. I’m the Class 2 teacher at Burrington School and have been here for around 10 years. My class includes years 3 to 6 and they are brilliant. We have loads of fun, work hard and produce some great writing! Look at our class website to get a feel for what we do. Particularly, the ‘Flip Book’ pages, where you can see examples of stunning work from the children. This is invariably based on our topic work, which I believe produces the best stimulation and puts the children right in the ‘action’. My interest in outdoor pursuits means I can bring both experience and equipment to my teaching, helping the children get a real in-depth insight to their work. It is a real privilege to work at Burrington and be associated with such a supportive and welcoming community. Thank you.


Jenny North

Hello, I’m Jenny North – Class 1 teacher here at Burrington.  The class includes children from Reception through to Y2 and they are great fun to teach.  I am fully committed to a ‘whole child’ approach to primary school education which nurtures, builds confidence and develops the skills necessary for learning and I feel very fortunate to be working within such a wonderful, unique and friendly school.   I believe that children are entitled to a balanced and inspiring curriculum which fosters an appreciation of the wider world, prepares them for adult life and gives all children opportunities to shine.  I have travelled fairly extensively around the world and have a passion for exploring different cultures which I love sharing with the children I teach. 


Sam Walsh
Teaching Assistant/PPA Cover

Hi, I am Sam Walsh. I am the teaching Assistant in class 2 as well as providing MTA cover during lunch breaks, and PPA Cover for Bob Walters and Jenny North each week.

I have had real fortune in not only being taught in Burrington myself as a child, but the real blessing of giving teaching support for the children now present.

Burrington to me is a family, this family feeling comes from the children, parents, staff all whom add to our very unique school.


Liz Rooke
Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Liz Rooke.  I work in Class 1 as a Teaching Assistant.  I really enjoy working at Burrington Primary School and being part of helping children to achieve their goals. 

In the afternoon I work with children focusing on their reading skills.

Burrington is a warm friendly school where every child feels safe and has a great learning environment.


Jo Everitt

Hi There, I love being part of the Burrington Family and have worked at the school for a number of years now.  I am responsible for the day to day administration of the school and am based in the office.  I work from 8:30 until 11am at Burrington and then travel to Chulmleigh College to work as part of the admin team there.  You can contact me by phone, email or just call into the office for a chat.  In my former years I used to be a nursery teacher so I've always enjoyed being amongst children and families.  One thing I can be sure of, my days are never the same when I am working in a school - I love it!


Gemma Boyd
Catering Assistant

Hi I'm Gemma

I serve the children their lunches sent over from Chulmleigh Community College.

I could not imagine working anywhere else, its great fun, very rewarding and there is never a dull moment !


Claire Bryce