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Year 10 Information

At the beginning of Year 10 pupils enter into the Junior Guild.
Guild time is the 30-minute period every day from 3:00pm until 3:30pm.

In Year 10 the pupils are in mixed groups. The weekly programme consists of Bedrock (English individual study), assemblies, Maths workbook study, individual silent study and PSHE.

Year 10 is when we begin to see the pupils mature and show a real focus on academic achievement. Our expectation is that throughout this year they will develop independence and responsibility for their progress. Being organised, communicating with staff, cooperating with each other and seeking home support to raise their own standards, is paramount to instil success.

Year 10 Team

  • Head of Year – Dr McMahon
  • 10CP – Mrs Payne
  • 10WW – Mr Ward
  • 10KB –Mrs Burks
  • 10DH – Mrs Harman
  • 10KP – Mrs Parker & Mrs Minton
  • 10JC - Mr Cookson & Mrs Eaton