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Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

Year 11 Information

Year 11 – The Senior Guild

Pupils are allocated into subject Guilds based on data produced from the Half-Termly reports. The make-up of each Guild is based on pupil need. These may be for the particular abilities or working levels of pupils, and time can be used to complete coursework, or for pupils to work independently.

The Guilds run for 6 week blocks.

Over the week, pupils also gather for a year group assembly and 30 minutes of silent study, where we encourage them to use the time productively for homework, revising, reading or note-taking.

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Studies (PSHE) make up one of the weekly sessions, in order to fulfil the national requirement for personal growth and career guidance.

The Guild Weekly Programme










Subject Study

Subject Study

Silent Study

The Upper School – Guild Team

Together with support from the Senior Leadership Team, the Upper School has its own dedicated Guild Team.

Mr. D White – Head of Upper School

Year 11 Guild Team

English – GPG

Mr P Garrett

Mathematics - GJB

Mrs J Button 

Sciences – GZS

Mrs Z Sterland 

Modern Foreign Languages - GLJ

Mrs L Johnson 

Geography - GPC

Mr P Covington 

History – GJH

Miss J Hockin

Year 11 – Prefect System

At the end of Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to apply to become a Prefect. As the most senior pupils within the school, we feel that those successful in their application can further develop their leadership skills ready for their lives after leaving Chulmleigh College. With these skills being in such demand in a modern and fluid workplace, we aim to produce the next generation of leaders.

We ask our pupils to give something back to the school community, not only through setting the highest example to the rest of the school, but also through giving their time and helping to form part of a safe school environment.

Within this team of Prefects there are also senior positions: Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. They are supported by a team of Senior Prefects, Subject Captains and Prefects.

Prefect duties comprise of bus duty and lunchtime supervision. We believe that pupils self-regulating and witnessing each other showing responsibility is the best way to instil those values in our everyday life.