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Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up Premium

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium 2019/20

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium gives schools additional funding to support Year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard (a scaled score of 100) in reading and or/maths at the end of Key Stage 2. The Catch-up Premium is separate to the Pupil Premium, although there may be a significant overlap of pupils who are entitled to both forms of support.

Using various interventions, we focus on providing pupils with a fully inclusive and well-rounded experience, allowing them to work on these key areas to equip them with the skills they need to access the curriculum and ensure they are fully 'secondary ready'. We decide how this additional funding should be best spent to support identified pupils, and this is incorporated in to our provision to secure each young person’s progress.

In 2019/20 we received £12,790 and to identify the Catch-up Premium cohort, used data from primary schools and from the Cognitive Assessment Tests (CATs) results Year 7 pupils sat in September 2019, to secure the additional support required.

How we spent our allocation for 2019/20

Maths Interventions
An experienced, qualified Primary School teacher was employed.  They specialise in numeracy and gave pupils a mix of small group extraction and 1:1 support focusing on;

  • Developing pupils' understanding of core mathematical principles.
  • Giving pupils the time and support to practise and master core mathematical skills.
  • Building pupils' confidence in maths and fostering enthusiasm for the subject.
  • Using innovative and enjoyable resources such as SPARX and My Maths and the Catch-up Numeracy programme.

English/Reading interventions

  • Nominated TAs led a range of bespoke reading/literacy interventions during lunch and tutor time throughout the school day: 'Toe by Toe', 'Bedrock' and 'Nessy' intervention programmes.
  • The SENDCo and Literacy Coordinator supported the TA team and HLTAs to deliver literacy interventions, with a mix of Accelerated Reader and Bedrock programmes, and the Catch-up Literacy programme.
  • We also offered small group and targeted intervention programmes, aimed at boosting reading, handwriting, spelling and vocabulary techniques and skills.
  • The Literacy Co-ordinator delivered a bespoke vocabulary programme to pupils during tutor time on a fortnightly basis.